The Characters of Steve’s Poodle Palace

Here is what we know about the characters at Steve’s Poodle Palace. We hope to learn more about the characters as time goes by.


Butch is the bartender and the only paid employee that we know of at Steve’s. He’s calm, cool and seems to know just how to manage the place when situations arise. 

CARLOS (photo coming soon)

Carlos is handy and helps with the upkeep at Steve’s when he can. He loves to sing and is working on developing a video game that can be played without thumbs. 


Delbert is a long-time customer. He’s friendly and especially loves the live music. 


Doc helps out at the bar sometimes when it’s busy. He prefers to be behind the scenes as he is somewhat shy. His given name is Doctor Thaddeus McGraw Smith. 


Fifi is definitely a girly girl. She’s a regular who loves to have a good time and seems to be more in to the people things, rather than dog things.


Larry’s full name is Lawrence of Arabia. He’s a fun-loving little guy who can hang with the big dogs just fine. He is not good at love, but has lots of friends.  


Leon can sometimes be found hanging out at the bar and crooning while playing his guitar. He always wanted to be a rockstar, but seems content to hang out at Steve’s and provide entertainment on the nights when they don’t have a live band.  


Don’t let Pete’s size fool you, he is a teddy bear. He sometimes has to act as security at Steve’s, but hopefully nobody will ever call him on his aggressive act, because that’s all it is… an act.  


Scamp is always looking for a way to get ahead. He is very thrifty. Perhaps he is the Steve’s equivalent of an extreme couponer. 


Scruffie is a nice girl who just wants everyone to get along. She has a soft spot for puppies and cats, but she is all dog. 


Spot just loves to party. He can often be heard in a crowd calling out his trademark “PARTY”  call. Spot is often at the bar with no money, but that somehow doesn’t seem to hinder him from having a great time. 

Fish Camp Larry
Fish Camp Larry

Fish Camp Larry lives somewhere near a local marina. He seems to fit right in with the dogs at Steve’s. We’re unsure of his background. We only know that he loves cat juice and has a great time at Steve’s. His wife’s name is Mary.


Bernie lives very near Steve’s with her mom and dad. She mostly visits Steve’s on date nights with her beau, Huey. The two of them are nearly inseparable and always seem to have a great time.


Huey is most lovable and adorable. He’s always in a great mood and ready for a good time. He and his gal, Bernie always seem to find something to get in to. Their date nights are famous at Steve’s.


Steve’s Poodle Palace comes to you from the minds of Scott Hazard and his wife, Camille. It is dedicated to their beloved, departed Standard Poodle, Gumbo, because it was Gumbo who first told Scott about Steve’s. Since that day, Scott and Camille have done all they can to learn every nuance of Steve’s in order to accurately bring you the goings-on of America’s favorite poodle palace.

Producer/Director: Scott Hazard

Writing and Ideation: Scott Hazard, Camille Hazard

Character Drawings: Camille Hazard

Backgrounds: Joe Duncan

RIP Our Beloved Gumbo the Poodle

Gumbo the Poodle 3/12/2007 – 10/12/2016

Our Newest Inspiration and Love: Bernie the Poodle*

Bernie the Poodle 12/7/2016 – current

* At the time of publication, Bernie is not yet old enough to get in to Steve’s. They have a strict “No Puppies” rule. But she knows all about Steve’s and she is a good girl in hopes of earning her right to hang at Steve’s when she is old enough.