Steve’s Poodle Palace comes to you from the minds of Scott Hazard and his wife, Camille. It is dedicated to their beloved, departed Standard Poodle, Gumbo, because it was Gumbo who first told Scott about Steve’s. Since that day, Scott and Camille have done all they can to learn every nuance of Steve’s in order to accurately bring you the goings-on of America’s favorite poodle palace.

Producer/Director: Scott Hazard

Writing and Ideation: Scott Hazard, Camille Hazard

Character Drawings: Camille Hazard

Backgrounds: Joe Duncan

RIP Our Beloved Gumbo the Poodle

Gumbo the Poodle 3/12/2007 – 10/12/2016

Our Newest Inspiration and Love: Bernie the Poodle*

Bernie the Poodle 12/7/2016 – current

* At the time of publication, Bernie is not yet old enough to get in to Steve’s. They have a strict “No Puppies” rule. But she knows all about Steve’s and she is a good girl in hopes of earning her right to hang at Steve’s when she is old enough.